February 2018


Hello dedicated and hard working Triangle team Abbotsford,

It's Mike H and I wanted to let you know that even if I hadn’t gone through your course I would still have found a job and started up my own company anyways.   Hahahah

No really thank you very much for your support, you got me through trying times.

You guys may not get to everyone but you really make a difference in some peoples lives.


I’m doing good on the island. I have a part time job at a restaurant 4 days a week and I also started my own business. I am licensed, insured and I have WCB.


I did my first big project for a project manager at a custom home construction company and another project manager is giving me a house to try in a couple weeks, and a strata called me to do a 16 home lot twice a year for gutter cleaning.


I made the equivalent of two weeks at the restaurant, in half a day of window cleaning, so this is definitely sustainable employment. By partnering with home builders I can do post construction windows year round.


The rain gear and merino wool works great thanks again.


Hope all is good -feel free to share my story, 18 months and anybody can do it with a cando attitude.


Mike H.





Tracy T

March 2017


I recently attended the 10 week R.I.T.E. program held at the Abbotsford Triangle Community Resources location. I heard about the program through the recovery house that I resided at. My personal experience in this program was so much more than I could have ever imagined. This program has done much more than help me find work, it has helped me to find out who I am, what I am good at and what I want to be when I grow up. Triangle has given me the tools and confidence that I need in order to achieve success , not only in my career but in my everyday life. The staff at Triangle were very resourceful, caring but most of all very supportive. They are passionate about what they do and will go to all lengths in order to see your success. They are a family. I would highly recommend this program to anyone and everyone . They have my two thumbs up. Thank You Triangle!


Sam H
March 6, 2012

Recently I attended the Triangle Resources six week R.I.T.E Program.  The experience that I had during the course of the program was outstanding.  The course materials were clear, concise and thorough.  The instruction was not only very well presented, but also very thorough and detailed.

The Triangle personnel were outstanding in their knowledge, courtesy, and willingness to assist.  They were all very helpful and accommodating in their efforts to make us comfortable and ready to learn what they were teaching.  The facilitators made it such a good program that I was kind of sorry when the course ended.

If anyone is seeking this type of guidance I would highly recommend this program and Triangle Resources with their outstanding people to deliver it.

Sam H. (Group 82)

Shawn Simmons
February 24th, 2012

The R.I.T.E program, for me, was an experience that is going to be invaluable as I move forward in my personal and professional life. Not only has it helped me tremendously, look deeply into myself, but has shown me where I need improvement as I continue as a professional.

The staff is not only extremely personable and knowledgeable, but genuinely cares deeply about the clients that come in. I feel not only have I gained a better understanding of who I am, but have gained a new family whom I love and care about, and who love and care about me.

To Louisa, Karen, Kelsey, and James, you are the best, and I love you all. You are the people I will strive emulate, and I am extremely proud to call you my friends.

Hugs to all,

Shawn Simmons

February 9th, 2012

The experience of being in this program has done so much for my self-esteem, my ability to show my feelings and have beliefs in my artistic skills.  This has been something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Janet showed me I was and am able to get any job I apply for. She showed me that I come across as confident and that I can express as confident and that I can express my abilities in words so that my interview will get me the job.

Paul has taught me that I can be vulnerable and show my soft side and it is ok. He showed me that I am strong and that I am a loveable person who can give myself and not get hurt. He also is continuing to work with me one on one to deal with my childhood issues.
Amber has taught me that it is ok to be soft. I also think she showed me that I am ok just the way I am.

Kathleen has showed me it is ok to still be a child at heart.
I thank each and every one of the staff for helping me to grow in many ways. >Thanks Triangle!

(Group 55)

T. Mitchell
February 9th, 2012

What a difference a year makes! For me this statement couldn’t be more true. February 9th, 2012, today’s date. For my family and I this date carried with it the scar of a devastating memory.  You see, February 9, 2011 was the day I decided that my life was no longer worth living, that my life was so pathetically and hopelessly lost that any further attempts at this life would be an insult to the people who loved me. I no longer wanted to hurt or be hurt.  I wasn’t winning the struggle on my own and didn’t feel I deserved to ask for the help I so desperately needed.

What a difference a day makes! I was one of the lucky ones.  I survived! I awoke to a new day, groggy and confused in my hospital bed feeling shame but blanketed and protected by the support of those who truly love for me. “What?” I thought to myself, “You still want to love me even through now you know how flawed I am?” There was a resounding and persistent YES that assured me constantly that while they didn’t like some of the things I had chose to do, they most certainly liked me.

What a difference love can make! Time seemed to move slowly but I still moved on and surprisingly I found myself putting one foot in front of the other over and over. When I was unable to walk God carried me and when I struggled my  family would lighten my load and when I needed strength my children giggled and smiled.

Almost one more year later and but no design of my own I walked through the doors of TRIANGLE unknowingly into my own rebirth. So now, today, February 9 no longer carries with it a scar or bad memory but rather a message of hope, beauty, the glory of God and the overwhelming power of love.

Thank you Paul for empowering me with the tools of spiritual and emotional growth. And thank you Janet for empowering me with the tools of Career Decision Making and professionalism.

The reason I say empowered is because unlike most programs of this nature who show people where to go and buy the tools but never show them how to use them.  Triangle changed my life because they care enough to know that you can feed a man for a day or teach him to fish and feed him and his village for a lifetime.

T. Mitchell

Amy P.
December 19th, 2010

Wow! What a great experience. I would still love to go to the Bahamas, however; being at Triangle gave me the same boost of energy and left me with the same satisfying feeling as a bright ray of sunshine, cool calm breeze or smooth ocean waves would have. Like sinking your teeth into a piece of milk chocolate – without the calories - each day at Triangle brought laughs, tears of joy, and that feeling that I was not alone.

There's no greater feeling than the one you get once you've been assured. Assured of who you are. It's all about you! And that's exactly what you take when you complete this program, yourself; to a whole new level… of understanding, love, compassion, desire & interest. Commencing a beautiful new journey - you feel refreshed, restored. All those broken pieces remain but are put together in such a unique way that you can finally accept yourself and your mistakes. Once you've gained that loving trusting relationship with yourself, it's at that time when you begin creating new relationships like that with others.

I used to pass my time in fear, regret, loneliness and rejection. I no longer know how to do that. I appreciate every waking, breathing moment I have. Time is no longer against me; time is a gift I was given… I just had to learn how to use it properly. Thanks to everyone who made it possible, to those who were there like family, the ones who inspire – at Triangle Community Resources.
Amy P.

Paul Rose
November 5, 2010

Hi my name is Paul Rose. I first came to Triangle with hopes of finding a few tickets in order to get back to work, a quick fix and I would be on my way, wow, was I in for a surprise. Triangle was not your average get a resume, use a computer, get a job, get lost kind of place. I was kind of thrown off when they started to ask me questions about myself and my life and where I had been and what I was looking for in my search for a new career. Imagine a place that wanted to know what I wanted to do rather than a place telling me what to do. I have had many different challenges in my life and having spent over half of my life in the care of one instition or another my values and beliefs where somewhat twisted. Triangle taught me that my past is something to be proud of and that I could use my experiences both good and bad to better myself. I had always thougt that my past mistakes would haunt me for the rest of my days and now instead of my past working against me, I have learned to use it for my benefit. Triangle has taught me several different things about myself; my learning styles and different approaches to overcome some of the things that I have always seen as major barriers in my life. I now have a confidence that I never knew before. I am attending univesity and am planning a new career; one that I want to do, and am passionate about. Triangle has shown me that even though I have had all sorts of problems in my life there is absolutely nothing that can hold me back from making my dreams a reality nothing except, myself ...
Paul Rose

Dan L
September 23, 2010

Triangle was a great stepping stone for me to refocus, regroup and reinvent myself. Coming form an addiction background, it gave me the information and extra time to look deep inside and secure my foundation in recovery and a new career. The facilitators have all done a wonderful job, informing me of different values and beliefs, and how to deal with people of different true colors background. Thanks for the help and support. Dan L.

Jim M.
September 23, 2010

At the beginning I was apprehensive and just went because I was told to by the Ministry. After a few days I realized that I enjoyed coming and looked forward to it each day. I learned skills that have and will continue to change my life. I am very Appreciative of the instructors and the program. – Jim M.

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Jason Freestone
May 17, 2010

My name is Jason Freestone. I attended the Triangle Program in September 2009. I came into the program a man who had lost his way. The only life I knew was one of complete chaos, drug use, alcoholism, and too put it nicely, I hurt a lot of people. I thought there was no hope for me. The Triangle staff along with the self assessments really showed me the positive aspect of my life, which I had been missing for so long. The assessments showed me I did have values and morals and that I was running on a distorted belief system. Also the other men in the class saw, and also told me they saw real potential in me. The program helped build up my self esteem and self confidence witch I have struggled with for a long time. Was one of the best decisions of my life to attend the 6 week program. To the present day with the help from the staff, I'm fulltime employed at a job I'm really happy at. I believe without the encouragement and positive attitudes of the staff I would not be where I am today. I am proud to say I am coming up on 1 year sober and things have never been better for me. I'm starting to believe in myself more and more everyday and owe a really big thanks to the Triangle program.

Thanks again,
Jason Freestone

Earl Hall
May 17, 2010

My name is Earl Hall and I am a graduate of the RITE program at Triangle Community Resources in Chilliwack. Triangle was an amazing program that did much more than help me find work, Triangle helped me to find myself. Not only was I able to find employment immediately upon graduation, the facilitators have continued to show me support and encouragement. Once I secured a job Triangle helped me to get prepared for work by taking me to get appropriate work boots and clothing. They even drove me to my job interview! As of today, I have been at my job for six months and I owe it all to Triangle and the amazing staff that implement it!

Earl Hall

Dawn Carson
May 20, 2009

I signed up for the WRITE program with the hope that it would be the bridge I needed to re-enter the workforce. 2 ½ years previous, I had a massive breakdown. I was severely depressed and actively suicidal. I was plagued with anxiety attacks. I spent 6 weeks under psychiatric care at LMH, and was over-medicated when I was released. It took over a year to wean myself off of the 10+ medications. As of June 10, 2008 I was med-free. Unfortunately I had gained 70 lbs, become extremely unconfident and had no sense of direction. My body was ravaged. My mind was a fog. I had trouble concentrating. I did not know how I was ever going to re-enter the workforce after such a long absence. I was stuck.

I chose this program because it had structure, being Mon-Fri 9-3. I needed to know that I could commit to that, and be present for the entire period. I was hesitant for the first couple of weeks in the program as no one else in the class seemed to relate to my issues, but I was committed to my own progress so I stuck with it. I am so glad that I did. I found that the facilitators, Wayne and Annette, were very supportive and encouraging. I started to learn about things that I was never taught in high school, such as anger management; personality styles; conflict resolution and accountability. I was surprised by the quality of the program. I found it very comprehensive. I really enjoyed taking all of the personality tests. They gave me a broad picture of myself, and how my traits are affective in the workplace. They reinforced that my chosen career path is a good fit for me. The program as a whole has helped build my confidence and self-esteem.

It has been a wonderful, challenging journey of self-discovery. WRITE taught me how to approach an employer with confidence, and how to sell my abilities and skills to them. It taught me how to answer tough interview questions such as ‘why did you leave your last job?’The mock interview is an incredible tool. I found that watching myself on tape, in that setting, was very enlightening. I also appreciated all of the class feedback. I would recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with esteem and confidence issues. It is designed in a logical format that slowly builds you up without you even knowing it. You get what you put in, so if you are committed to your success, this program will help you soar. I have already started to apply for jobs, and am completely confident, even excited, about the coming interviews. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Triangle Resources. This program has given me so much hope. Thank you!

Dawn Carson

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May 08, 2009

This course enlightened me and made me realize a true picture of myself. Just knowing where to start has made this journey easier and assures me of my future success. I have a more open mind, less negativity and have a positive outlook. This process that you put people through is very useful and it is because of the staff going outside of the norm to offer comfort and help everyone here and their unique approach that makes it a success.

May 08, 2009

Triangle has been a great support to me in moving forward. The staff have helped me to overcome fears and gave me the care and attention I needed at that point in my life and assisted me to find two part time jobs. I am really enjoying it. Thanks Triangle for the help.

Jan 01, 2009

Triangle has helped me by being open and non-judgemental and by assisting me when I drop in to do job search. With their support I was able to find a full time job working in a field I enjoy. They always supported me by giving me feedback and listening to my ideas.

Nicola McGuire
October 27, 2008

I would like to thank all the staff at Triangle Community Resources. I can’t thank them enough for their support in all areas of my life. I came into the program with limited thinking regarding my career expectations. I have learned to face fear in this area and move towards finding ways to reach my goals. I have also learned to unlock some of my beliefs in working with others and have found this to be a rewarding experience. The workers at Triangle all have so much to offer in many areas. Each staff is unique in the gifts they have to offer. Thank you so much for your support !

Nicola McGuire

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Karl L. Ruppert
October 07, 2008

Hi, my name is Karl and I am 41 yrs old. I was in need of help in dealing with problems in my life; my main problem was to do with anger and my drinking. I was told about Triangle Community Resources by a mental health worker at Mission Memorial Hospital after I went and tried to commit suicide in May of this year after my girlfriend of over a year left me because of my main problem. I was initially told about their “Understanding Anger” workshop but after exhausting my search for funding for that course, I signed up for the R.I.T.E. Program, which is a Government Funded Program and took 6 weeks to complete. I came and started there as a stubborn, angry & depressed man who felt it was time to change the way I was and can say that I am glad things happened the way they did. By the end of the 6th week I became a calm, relaxed and a happy person from the learning what was taught by the Instructors and by my Counsellor that I still see once a week. I have became the person that I wanted to be with a lot of hard work and persistence, there was 2 times during the 6 weeks where I wanted to quit but I can honestly & truthfully say that I’m glad I did not. I am big on telling people about this course, especially those who are to this day coming to Triangle to get information about it. I tell them that I used to be like them and that if they can help change me then they will change themselves, it will a lot of hard work and there will be times where you would feel like giving up but keep persisting and you will see the change by the end and feel better with yourself with new tools to take on the world. I am grateful for the staff: Brian, Lorraine, Susan, Faith, Monique, Doug and the few other instructors who came to teach us (those of us who stuck through the hard times) at Triangle Community Resources and to me they are not instructors, they have became people who I can say (and call) a caring FRIEND. Thank You Triangle for showing me once again who I truly am, your program worked a miracle on me when I felt there was no way I could ever become this person again.
Karl L. Ruppert

Toni Christian
August 13, 2008

When I first came into Triangle I was greeted with plenty of smiles and encouraging words, which made me, feel comfortable and welcomed. I decided to enroll in Triangle because I was searching for a place where I would be understood and my barriers addressed. My confidence and self-esteem were low and I was filled with fear and not knowing where I fit in this world. During the course of the program, I learned a lot about myself. I am learning to love myself more and to be able to create healthy boundaries, which I use today in all aspects of my daily living. I think that this program has helped me grow, and to remain teachable. I gained an enormous amount of knowledge that enables me to choose what would be best suited for my personality. I also came into Triangle with no employment history whatsoever. At Triangle I learned that I have many transferable skills that would translate into any job or career I aspire to. The staff members at Triangle were always encouraging, kind, helpful, and made me feel like I was part of something special. Everyday at Triangle was super fabulous!

Toni Christian

Greg Caskey
August 07, 2008

When I started at Triangle Community Resources I had recently been released from prison, trying to remain clean and sober. Their staff supported me in pre-program appointments to prepare me for the class. Going in to the course, I didn't know what to expect. Coming out of the six-week program, I felt like this was the best thing I could have done for myself. At 44 years old, I had still been asking myself; "What do I want to do when I grow up?". Not only did this course have a wealth of information, it was a journey of self discovery helping me realise my strengths and weaknesses, my personality type, helping me pinpoint what my interests are and what i would enjoy doing as a career by giving me the knowledge and ability and to succeed as well as giving me the drive and focus to be successful. We addressed my barriers of having a criminal record and how that affects my employability. They helped me with my years of back taxes, connected me with debt counsellors, helped me solve my issues with housing and helped me prepare the best resumes and cover letters possible. I am no longer in need of Government Assistance. I have made amends with family, friends and past employers. I have secure housing, a full time job and have begun the process of going back to school to get my journeyman ticket in the electrical trade. I feel good about myself and am confident with my abilities in all areas of life. I can't say enough about Triangle's care for their clients, going the extra mile time and again such as driving me to interviews, helping me with documentation to enrol at BCIT, connecting me with useful community resources, teaching me computer skills, feeding me, allowing me to visit anytime and use their computer lab and resources, all this in an atmosphere of encouragement and support. My life is forever changed in a positive way. What Triangle does for the community may go unnoticed but anyone who graduates from this course comes out with the confidence, ability, knowledge and focus to succeed.........the bonus being that it was fun with a lot of laughs. To Wayne, Heidi, Germaine and Nicole; You guys are simply the best, thank you for everything!

Greg Caskey

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Gertrude Ross
June 17, 2008

Hi, just writing a brief note to let you all know how much I appreciated your time, patience and love, to which I carried on to share the knowledge of your Teaching. I am now 9 months clean and sober and still working from when I also graduated from the Triangle W.R.I.T.E. Program then Steppingstone, as a Youth Care Supervisor. I take care of two young native boys 14 and 17 years of age and love all the rewards from working with young people, because we know what it is like to be a youngster and they are good kids. I am really enjoying Gertrude and I THANK YOU!

Yours truly,
Gertrude Ross

Crystal Roux
May 14, 2008

Hi, my name is Crystal! I am a graduate from the Women’s Triangle Community Resources W.R.I.T.E. Program. I am 21 years old and have a 17- month old son. I am also a recovering alcoholic/addict. I did not come to this program voluntarily, I was ordered by my service provider to attend or I would not receive further funding. I agreed to attend the six week employment program as well as the twelve week follow up so that I would be able to acquire funding and continue my stay at the recovery house. I was very familiar with the program prior to my commitment. I had attended many graduation ceremonies, including my own Mother’s. I was also aware of the courses they would go through in the classroom, such as: life skills, boundaries, assertiveness, conflict resolution, barriers and attitudes, true colours, resistance to change and transition, accountability, anger management, listening, attending, behaviours, self-esteem, overcoming fears, communication, values and beliefs, self-defeating learned behaviours, motivation, goal setting, stress and time management. I entered my first AA meeting at 16 years old and shortly after a recovery house. This was followed by four years in and out of jail, hospitals, treatment centers, recovery houses and group homes. During my stays at these institutions, I completed all of the above listed courses at least six times! My knowledge of the programs provided at the W.R.I.T.E. Program became my downfall. My ego had told me the Program could not offer me anything that I didn’t already know or learn. My mind was not open to the possibility of being teachable. I remember my first week in the classroom, I had my hand up to answer every question. I did have a large knowledge and understanding of what was being taught in the Personal Development part of the classroom, but I was challenged by the Counsellors to forget what I had learned in the past and start again! All of my past knowledge was not being put into action, it was just head knowledge. I could not connect the dots between what I knew and how I needed to implement it into my life. I was so stuck in my head and I kept repeating my addiction cycle…preventing myself from looking in my heart to visualize and become what I want. Looking back, I never had a true stirring desire within my heart to become a productive member of society with a career. Even with my prior goal setting, I had no real intentions of reaching them. The Counsellors called me on my crap and they presented things in a way that hit me in the heart. It seemed so new! I kept fighting it and trying to convince myself that I had already learned these things. These courses had not helped me before so why would they help me now? I think it was towards the end of the second week when I ceased fighting anyone or anything. At that moment, my head started to make the connection to my heart. I am not going to say that it was all roses, the thorns were definitely present. I had been hiding my active addiction and knew my life was about to crumble if I didn’t get honest with my instructors and myself. The tears came and the emotions raged back and forth. I was facing my fears and leaning into them. I was not going tot “fight or flight”. I was re-learning the tools that would save my life, keep me clean and sober, and give me a hope and a future! Finally a sigh of much needed relief and release breathed through me like a fresh crisp breeze that skims across the tops of the ocean waves! I felt freedom from my ego, I didn’t have to know everything, I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I was not so that people thought I was “normal” or manageable! I am now awaiting my graduation from the W.R.I.T.E. Program tomorrow and am proud to be me. I will always remember the hardest journey I have ever made, my head to my heart! I pray every day that I never go back to where I was mentally and emotionally. I have set and reached more goals thorough this six-week program than the past four years of treatment. I am not saying that treatment does not work, I am just saying that my time to change was in and through this program! I do not believe today that I was ordered to this program by service provider, it was my Higher Power divine intervention. I have been accepted into a College course where I will be starting an “Intervention Counselling and Youth Worker” that I begin in two weeks. My Case Manager has approved the decision for this course. I have also received a reference letter from an employer who is more than dedicated to training me as a Respit Caregiver in her group home upon completion of my 12-week course. She is a sub-contractor that works with “Level Three Youth at Risk”, which means they are in constant need of supervision. I have grown up as a high risk youth myself and was refused any type of support so I am now looking forward to setting a positive example for these young people, planting little seeds of hope in their hearts and turning my past mess into my future message! In closing, I would like to emphasize to anyone who is wondering if the Triangle W.R.I.T.E./R.I.T.E. Program is going to be beneficial to them, that what takes place in that classroom will change your life! I know it has changed mine and given me the privilege to give back selflessly to my community what I have so selfishly taken over the years. P.S. Special Thanks to the Triangle Staff, Sandee, Janet and especially Mr. Paul! Thank you to the founder and Owner Brian Chiasson for making this life changing experience possible to myself and others to come!

Crystal Roux

Rachel Smith
May 14, 2008

Well before I went to the W.R.I.T.E program, I was a recovering drug addict. I was in a recovery house in Abbotsford and got told I had to go to this program that would help me find who Rachel Smith truly was. At first I was thinking "I don't need that type of thing" "I knew who I was, I didn't need that.'' I am glad I went because it showed me that it's ok to be different, that everyone deserves "New Start". The staff there are awesome they truly care for the individual. I was surprised to find out about the P.S.I indicator test and the True Colours. I have Graduated from the program twice. Paul is a great person who knows about addiction as does Annette. While I was there I learned alot about myself and the jobs I am suitable for. I am currently upgrading my Gr.12 at A.C.E. If I hadn't went to Triangle I don't know what I would be doing. I Love the Staff there, Janet & Sandee, and I get excited every time I go back to check in.
Once your a Triangle Client-Your 'ALWAYS' a Triangle Client.

Rachel Smith

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Steven - Group 56
May 14, 2008

I don't know that I would have made it this far had it not been for the support of the staff. I cannot say enough about them all.

Steven, Group 56

Mark - Group 54
May 14, 2008

This program has helped me gain a new approach to life. I am devoted being honest and truthful, because without it I would be lost again, and I don’t want to be lost. I can live without overwhelming fear today because I was given the tools to do something different. Thank you.

Mark, Group 54

Jacques P.
April 22, 2008

Many thanks to all Counsellors from Triangle! Even though I have finished the course many months ago, I still feel the continuing journey that you have lift me on to. Everyone did a thorough job as to open my mind on what I have to do for a new fresh start in life. Only through open-minded and perseverance on my part that this was accomplished, you helped me when I had question, you where willing to work with me on any question I had. I am glad to have learned about values and beliefs, and on my communication skills and practical way to do job search, to learned what I truly like to do, and to never give up on my dream. Thank you for your honesty, no mask allowed. It was more often FUN to learn than painstaking apprenticeship, I wish for everyone to take the time it take to finish and graduate this program.
You guys really helped me, to GROW UP !

Thank you, Jacques P., Area 50

Christy Bartnik
Jan 31, 2008

My name is Christy Bartnik and I am writing this letter to share how important Triangle has been in my personal journey, as well as my journey to employment. I came to Triangle broken with very low self-esteem. The thought of employment was very intimidating to me. All that I wanted out of this program was to learn about my self. My only goal was to be a mother to my two children. Before I completed the WRITE program I had my old job back and was seeing my children regularly. The WRITE program and the counselors helped put me back together, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I learned that it is ok to make mistakes, I developed relationships with my classmates and have a much better outlook on my self and what I am capable of. My First job as a painter started off well, however business is slow right now. I have gone with my back up plan according to my action plan and I have an interview today
for a Community Support Worker position. Thank you so much Janet Paul and Annette. I would never imagine my life today was possible. With all your help and my gift of willingness I have a life today. For the women in the program, stick it out. I know it is not easy however you are worth it.

Christy Bartnik

Colleen Mackellar
December 13, 2007

Thank you Triangle,
Hi guys and Gals of Triangle,
I am so thankful for your help. Its kinda funny whenever I have no place to turn I always end up back here! I am from group 19 and I was recently in a car accident in the middle of moving and was in the hospital for 2 days finding out that my back and shoulders were in rough shape, I wasn’t able to help my husband move anything. He was so stressed thinking he could never get this done by himself, I came to Triangle desperately looking to hire a guy for the day to help my husband and I walked in and told Darryl my needs and he was on the phone as fast as lightning looking for some one to help. There was a young man by the name of Jon that stepped up and offered his assistance to me. I am so thankful he was there for us we wouldn’t have been able to do anything without his help. I am so thankful for Triangle. You have always been there for me. It was true you do become a part of my family once you do the program. I am never forgotten whenever I come to you.
Thank you so much

Sincerely From
Colleen Mackellar
Group 19.

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David Shepherd
August 24, 2007

To Whom would listen and read:
I have attended the Triangle Community Resources R.I.T.E Program in Mission and have found it an effective quality Program that promotes Self worth and personal development. The self-empowerment tools and techniques used in the program are second to none. The staff are obviously well trained professionals that have a genuine interest in their clients. They treat all with respect, dignity and honesty. I have personally seen the positive results in people’s lives after attending the Program. What really impressed me is their continued support and services after the Program. They have been exemplary and are indeed a model for support services. They are a catalyst that has resulted in my securing an excellent position of employment that is well beyond what I expect. Thank you again to the Triangle Crew!

Yours sincerely,
David Shepherd

Mission RITE/WRITE Client
August 15, 2007

The people at Triangle Community Resources in Mission were a great help to me when I was having difficulty with job interviews. They helped me focus on mt strengths, where I had been worried abut my weaknesses. Curtis had me do a new resume, which allowed me to inventory my marketable skills in a systematic way. Darryl helped me change my attitude from negative to positive by pointing out some common sense solutions to my problems. He has some handy techniques to overcome negativity. With a new resume and a new attitude I got a job within a week.

Michael Fair
June 29, 2007

I would highly recommend the RITE program at Triangle Community Resources to anyone thinking of enrolling. The first 2 or 3 weeks of the program were for me a little chaotic, but the end result was more than enough reward. The program helped me to re-find myself and my career aspiratins. A truly life changing experience facilitatied by a gifted and compassionate staff!!!

Jamie Critch.
June 04, 2007

On a cold and wet day in February 2007, I was travelling to the food bank with my wife. I decided to walk through the doors of Triangle Community Resources to see what they had to offer. That day changed my life. Over the years I have not been able to hold a job for longer than 6 months, ever. I always thought there was something wrong with me for that. The staff there opened me up to the possibility that it was not me but the jobs I have been choosing. They started to change the way I looked at employment and made me think about what I valued most in life, then they helped me find what jobs fit those values.As with most guys who come to them, I had my fair share of barriers to deal with. That didn't’t stop the staff from encouraging me to attack those barriers like a rabid dog. I began tearing down barriers left and right. I learned to not let my emotions rule me as they so often had. When I panicked, a few words from the staff would help remind me to focus on what is true and not to dwell on the things that were not true. Each staff has a different role to play in the program and as far as I’m concerned they all work together as “Restoration Specialists”. They help tear apart what needs to be fixed and then give you the tools to rebuild it stronger than ever.I would like to say that when I left Triangle I was stronger, more focussed and certainly open to the idea that anything is possible. That thinking is now as much a part of my life as my family is. For that, I thank you.

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C Dougan Langley # 19
May 31, 2007

I was looking at an occupational brick wall of fear and low self-esteem when I came to the W.R.I.T.E program at Triangle. I came to the program for the opportunity to learn about myself and find out what I was meant to do.What I learned was that my negative self-talk needed to change and I needed to change direction and honour what the assessment tests and my own self-awareness pointed to : I needed to get out of my comfort zone and begin to realize my goals.Naturally, I wanted to find a career path that met with what all the assessment results pointed to. I have enrolled in Kwantlen College and will be taking the Career Practioner Diploma.I would like to thank the staff in Langley for the support, encouragement, and the limitless faith that you have shown in me which has inspired and motivated me to bring down the wall that kept me frommoving on.Triangle brought together clients with many different barriers to employment and helped us all feel unique, respected, motivated and cared for in such a way as to empower each and every one of us to succeed in a way that was important to each person’s defined goal. It was a spiritual feeling for myself alone as well as to see other’s being empowered; to see the women walk taller, speak with more confidence about themselves and to believe in themselves more. I believe the staff’s passion and commitment to helping the people in the group shines through in the smiles and confidence shown by the women at the end of the group. Well Done!

Cheryl Leask
May 18, 2007

G'day ..Eh..Hi my name is Cheryl and I'm transgendered. I'm a very recent graduate of the W.R.I.T.E Program in the Chilliwack location. Group #17 the “ Can-Do-Ettes" It was more than I ever could have expected, it's not just a learn how to do a resume and cover letter course and out the door you go kind of place. I've taken those before and they are done in a somewhat clinical production line setting, do this … do this ... write it this way, then it's…bye thanks for coming ….good luck ...see ya ….NEXT !! At Triangle Community Resources, you learn about yourself, why you are the way you are, who you truly are inside. The program gives you an insight as to what type of job your best suited for, in your skills, your personality and why things happen in your life they way they do; boy did I hear some coins drop in those classes. They teach computers for those folks who are computer challenged; they show you the job market and how to access it in a constructive way to suit your needs and wants. Triangle deals with you as the whole person and you learn about yourself in ways you would never have considered. The facilitators really help you find your true calling in the work-a-day world. The support is just amazing before, during and after the program and yes they teach you how to write a resume and cover letters one that will actually get read by potential employers.
Cheryl Anne Leask

Wes Reddecliff
April 02, 2007

My experience with Triangle was very positive and uplifting. I learned that there is a lot of stuff you need to learn about yourself. The most important thing I learned was not to be so afraid of being turned down for a job. If I never try I will never succeed. The staff at Trainge were very friendly and supporting. I got the job. Thanks

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Class #25 “ Women with a Voice”
March 20, 2007

When I first began the Triangle program I was not sure that this was what I needed in my life at this time. However, my decision to join the class was based on my surroundings. I currently live at a Recovery House where I have lived for the past 8 months. I was a little restless being there all the time and I looked at this class as a way to get out of the house.I have been employed for the majority of my working life. I felt that as far as job skills etc. were concerned I was pretty much informed on the basics. I shortly found out that this class offered me a lot more then I thought possible.Since attending Triangle, I have grown in so many ways. The life skills alone have made a huge impact on my life and I feel that this is something I never would have been informed of had I not come here.I have learned about what my values are, what my personality style is, what I should do and not do when dealing with others that are not like me. I have found that information very resourceful to me. Seeing as my goal is to work in Customer Service, dealing with many different types of people is something that I will continually face in my lifetime.When the beginning of our employment classes began I was a bit leery that I would be bored, as I have a lot of work history and training in a lot of different trades. However I was quite amazed at how much things have changed in the work force and how much I really didn’t know such as proper job etiquette resumes and cover letters.Through the learning’s I have obtained with this class I have had the confidence and the motivation to search for a job that I truly would be happy at, enabling me to have my values and a job at the same time.I took the information that I have learned and I applied them to a job search.
Due to these actions I have successfully found a job that I am very happy about.Everything has worked out perfectly for me and I start my new job Monday. Thank you, Triangle, for the support and education that you have provided for me.
Lisa Haley

Blair B
Jan 08, 2007

Thanks to The RITE Program I’ve learnt how to deal with my self and other people who aren’t in the same frame of mind as me. The staff is more than willing to spend the time just to make sure we learn the life skills we need. This being my second shot at this I’ve learnt more in the last six weeks than I have in the last two years. I know people can’t always get along and some people just don’t want to, but because of the staff most of us learnt quite a bit and will use the skills from the course in the real world.


Thanks for the memories.
Jan 01, 2007

I had a great time finding myself and learning how to take other peoples inventories with more empathy. The councillors here at Triangle really care about where you go after you leave their care. For the limited amount of time they had to impart their wisdom to us, believe that everyone in our class left with a much more positive outlook on life and a much straighter road to follow on both their career and their life paths. I know it did for me I’m A self diagnosed alcoholic amongst other things and I believe the Triangle course helped me complete a twelve step program honestly thoroughly and courageously and as I go forward in life, working the steps as often as possible I can thank them for their courses on self awareness and improvement.
Love you guys
Thanks for the wisdom

Kimble M

To the Top

Jan 01, 2007

The staff at Triangle helped me move forward with my life and my recovery plans by helping me focus on my goals. I have come through recovery and I am an alcoholic/addict. I had been involved in a severe MVA and have a seizure disorder and am disabled.Although I have many barriers the staff went to great lengths to support me in reaching my goals. I feel confident and secure in my next step to a better life thanks to Triangle Staff in Langley


Jan 01, 2007

Mission RITE Program, (Band of Brothers)

I went through the Mission RITE program about 2 ½ years ago now while residing at the Paetzold recovery centre (Miracle Valley), and must admit that I owe my career to them. Shortly after joining the program and completing some vocational assessments I started to see what type of job I wanted, which was a career. Sales and Apprenticeship positions are what really jumped out and seemed most appealing to me. Thanks to the ongoing support after finishing my course I easily found an electrician apprenticeship position with an Abbotsford electric company, within a couple of weeks...One day into this job I realized that it was not for me, and I quit. So back down the same path again I long term jobs....only working a few months before quitting or getting fired, doing drugs and going back to jail....And then it hit me.....I do not need to apply for the job I am bound to get; I should be going for the long-term position that I truly WANT. If I hadn’t been for the course I would have continued on my destructive path....but they helped me believe in myself, and I knew I was just too good for the drinking and drugging I preferred over working a steady job....So I headed back for some extra one-on-one meetings with the counselors and started my job hunt again.Thanks to the help from the staff in Mission, I landed a sales job with a local family owned and operated company that seemed to be too good to be true! Apparently I had not been selected for a second interview, but by following up with the tools I learned from the RITE program, I was offered a second interview and got the job! In the past 6 months we were just recently bought out by a large corporation, and now I have a full-time job with no security issues, full benefits, and not to mention a long-term career ahead. Pretty good for someone who had been living on the streets, and in and out of jail not 3 months before starting the RITE program.I believe that I owe this position I have now, to the staff at the Mission RITE program and thank you very much for all of your help and support over the years! I have never had a job longer than 3 months, and the fact that I have been here for 2 years now is amazing! You are a great bunch and I miss you all, as well as the many friends I made during my classes and follow-up drop-ins, over the months after my graduation.I highly recommend this program to anyone with substance abuse problems, family problems, or anyone that can’t hold down, or get a job! There is a lot out there but sometimes you just need a bit of help to get that foot in the door....and in my case....the tools to stand on that foot, once you get yourself in that door.

Thanks again! You guys are the best!

Daniel T.
September 27, 2006


When I came to the Triangle Community Resources Program I was a defeated individual. I had no hope and I had given up on all my dreams. I believed that society had no more use for me and for all my skills. However, enrolling in the Triangle program had a dramatic impact on my perception of my future. The purpose of their program is to inspire, motivate and help individuals believe that they can become successful and productive members of the community once again. They have succeeded in all three areas. Through their program, they have improved my communications skills and they have coached me in my quest to find the right occupation that compliments my past experience and skills. Furthermore, they have helped me get rid of the unrealistic dreams and unachievable goals that were clouding my judgement and impeding my ability to focus on the right career choice. Their ‘Career Action Plan’ has helped me develop a clear and effective approach to remove the perceived barriers that kept me unemployed for so many years. Above all, the staff of the Triangle organization believed in me when I could no longer do so for myself. Once again I believe I have something to offer. I am inspired, motivated and believe I can be a productive and successful member of my community. I have decided to become a ‘Truck Driver’. To do so requires that I obtain my Class One driver’s license. Since I graduated from the program, the staff at Triangle has provided all the support and guidance I need to reach my goal and obtain my Class One driver’s license. This organization and their program is the best well kept secret in Canada. Their staff behave in a manner that far exceeds their job description. They truly believe that they can make a difference in people’s life. Their coaching helps improve people’s ability to become productive and successful. However, ultimately it is the entire community that benefits from their effort.

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Sassy Sara Race
August 23, 2006

Coming into the W.R.I.T.E. program, I was unsure of what exactly the whole thing was all about. I figured it would be the basics on how to find a job. It was so much more than that! This class is one of the best I have ever been in! The self discovery and thorough job finding techniques not only have the ability to find you a job, but to change your life for the better! This should be a mandatory course that all grade 12 students need to complete to graduate. It would cut down on the unemployment rate, cut down crime & suicide, and would greatly improve peoples self-esteem and awareness of others feelings, in turn making life much more happy all around! Thank you to all the councellors and teachers at the W.R.I.T.E. program! You changed my life more than words could ever say!

Sassy Sara Race

August 23, 2006

Imagine being 13 years old and sexually abused by a man that is supposed to be safe; then imagine living your entire life with that incident in the back of your mind, leaving you fearful of, not just men, but of the world? That was me for six years until February of 2006 when I graduated Triangle Resources’ 6 Week W.R.I.T.E. Program. My councilor referred me to them and I was HIGHLY reluctant to go, putting off even meeting the administrators until the last second; but I tell you, with 100 percent honesty, that as soon as I walked in and met Darryl and Melynda, I felt safe with them; even Darryl, which surprised me because it was men whom I feared the most. Then I met Heidi and Gunnar the next day, the first day of the program for myself, and it was even better, with four people I could turn to. Never did they force information from me or force me to talk to anybody but it was like they were friends, and you could speak to them no problem. I loved it because they listened, just listened. Didn’t interrupt or anything; it help greatly. The program itself was awesome, too, because I met eleven other people just like myself. They may have had different situations and reasons for being there but they were great. A lot of laughs and team work and just a lot of fun. The ‘administrators’ were friends, not teachers. Even though you learn a LOT, it’s not like a stoic school with desks and teachers standing in front of you but instead it’s a laid-back atmosphere with a few tables, comfortable chairs, and friends able to talk and learn at the same time; It was great. I used to sit at my house in front of my computer, read, and avoid my friends but now I have a job, a boyfriend and a group of friends who won’t let me become the way I was before, and I don’t want to. A lot of that I have Triangle to thank for because they got the fears to settle down to the point where they were barely there at all. I thank them tremendously.

Darren Keith
August 16, 2006

When I made the choice to check out what Triangle Community Resources had to offer. I was torn, confused, emotional and felt so lost I didn’t know were to turn. I felt as though there was no point trying anymore. I was broken.. I started Triangle, and the staff helped me find better ways of dealing with my problems. They truly understand what I had been going through. My positive strengths started to surface and my self-confidence level rose. My motivation has climbed to the point where I can now jump over hurdles that used to hold me back, and I feel awesome that my lifestyle has become healthy, manageable, and constructive. I can’t thank you enough for the support, encouragement, and willingness to go the extra mile. I felt this isn’t just a job for the kind, caring, and understanding team at Triangle, but a passion that strives for success.

Darren Keith

Wendy O (Langley)
August 15, 2006

Hi everyone,

Thank you everyone for your congratulations. You've all touched my life more than you know. The job is going really well but very stressful at times. I keep my grip on my dreams and my goals to get through these times. I just can't help loving the atmosphere and the energy I get around law. It's kind of ironic that I chose office work so I wouldn't be on my foot so much and I'm on them all day. A trial binder took me all day today and I maybe sat down for 1/2 all day. My chair is just a decoration for the most part. This job so suits my gold personality. The pay is alot better than what I was going to settle for before coming to Triangle. I feel very grateful for our paths to have joined. Triangle was one of the best and most effective experience in my life for a long time. Keep up the fantastic work, I'll keep in touch.
This is also my testimonial.

Zofia Szyszka
August 15, 2006

Dear Triangle Team
I would like to share with you my joy. I got a job at last. I am happy because it is a change in my life. This lucky change would not be possible without Triangle. I thank all of you deep from my heart for your help, dedication and patience. I wish all of you happiness and success in your lives. God bless you all
Your thankfull student
Zofia Szyszka

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Neil Schmidt
June 30, 2006

I've been in the program for six weeks now and it is finally OVER (Ha Ha) Just kidding guys and gals. The program offers so much to the averge people out of work, its amazing. The honest and positive outlook is far above some of the other programs I have attended in the past. Some times you have to bite the bullet and sit down and learn more about yourself, to not be afraid to look forward to the dreams that you have. The progam gave me this ability. So hang in there and have some fun with it.
Thanks to the Traingle Team.

Margory Neely
June 29, 2006

Mission W.R.I.T.E Program
In December of 2005 I was in a car accident and found I was unable to do the Job I had. I was told that I would find a new start in life if I took the W.R.I.T.E Program. I didn’t know what to expect but needing a new direction I went. I was truly imprested at what the W.R.I.T.E Program was. After completing it I found not only a new direction in life but a lot of other things as well, new friends, a new passion for life as well as a new understanding of myself. Even though I am 50, I now have the courage to not only face my past but also to forge a new future. I loved the 6 weeks program and the fact that I can come back here to continue on my new path. Thank You for starting Triangle Resources I cannot tell you in words how much this program has helped me to grow.

Dutch(Hernan Nachbar)
March 14, 2006

What Triangle has done for me.

In the short time I have been here I have learned important facts of the work world we must live in. They figure by the year 2025 that most people will be self-employed, so I decided to start now before it's to late, Triangle gave me more insight, self confidence, knowlege, a feeling of belonging and comradship, and helped me with what's going on in this world. I want to thank all the staff for their support, patience, understanding, care and genuine love they put in to doing a wonderful job to help make people like us better our lives. They are indeed also one ofthe Amigos. Thank God we are truly blessed for knowing them.
Thank you amigo friends....
Your friend Dutch

Michael McDonald
December 30, 2005

When I entered the R.I.T.E. Program in Chilliwack on November 28th after having finished my time at a local treatment center, I was looking for the opportunity to learn about myself and find out what I was meant to do. My life up to this point had been mired in fear-based beliefs that had a negative impact upon my outlook and employability. I had been successful and participated in giving back programs in my past, but was unable to deal with my feelings and thereby was unable to shed my aura from the burden of old, decrepit baggage. What I learned about myself in the R.I.T.E. Program was that my values were very different from what I assumed they were. This created an internal order of chaos that manifested itself into negative self worth and low self-esteem. The answer for my happiness lies in honouring my values and healing myself through honest intimacy with close friends and through developing my spirituality. My self-talk needed to change and although I was always more opportunistic than pessimistic, I needed to change direction and be aware of my needs to excel in positive behavioural patterns. I have come to realize that some of my skills include my ability to communicate, my empathy while listening and my ability to relate honestly with integrity. Naturally, I wanted to find a career path that met my values and used my skills. I have enrolled in Rhodes College and will be taking the Wellness Counselling Diploma. I would like to thank you and your staff in Chilliwack for the insight that they have showed and the manner in which the program enabled me to reach and ascertain my purposeful life path.

Barry Roberts
December 30, 2005

I thank you for opening up Triangle Community Resources. At first, I did not know what to expect. I did not want to come at first, and now, I do not want to leave.The program helped me to face my fear and break down the walls. Because of my age, when I'm told I can't work, it's a downer. Now I have faced my fear. I believe I can work. Thank you again for this program.

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Doug Naismith
December 15, 2005

My name is Doug and I am writing this because Triangle Resources trully changed my life. I am back fixing Helicopters as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer because of Triangle and the great folks that work there. I had lost my self confidence and belief in myself and just felt like I could never go back to the career I so loved, then the folks at Triangle showed me how to get back on track and believe in myself. They were so awsome, and when I was hesitant to look for work John even went out and found me the job I have today. I can never thank them enough and to this day I still hear from them to see how I'm doing and just say hi. If you are considering going to this program or any other that they offer I would have to say..Do IT! Thanks Triangle. You helped me spread my wings and soar again.

Rodi Chow
December 15, 2005

Triangle Community Resources(RITE PROGRAM) has helped me huge along the way. After taking this course I learned how to be persistance, stand firm with my values, work as a team, anger and stress management. These are just some of the techniques I picked up and used so far. I'm also a recovering Alcoholc and Addict, because of this program it helped me learn alot more about myself and who I am. I THANK Triangle and the staff who helped me. After this program I had goals I've set to achieve and because of triangle I have something in life to go for. THANKS TRIANGLE AND ALL THE STAFF.

Rodi Chow (Group 32 - "32nd To None")

Myles Hart
November 15, 2005

I was a past client of Trinagle. I had 4 months of sobriety and did not want to have anything to do with another welfare program. Around the second week, I began to learn about myself, for the very first time. The assessments, the one on one's, the other clients and the staff made me want to come back to class. This program was different, I liked getting up and going. We would do a check in to see where we were (I do this excercise to this day) and then we would have assessments to figure out what we wanted in our lives. I found out many things abou myself, who I was and what I wanted to do with myself, and who to keep in my life to support me. Triangle changed my life. They said to us that we are welcome back anytime, they didn't lie. I visit from time to time, using computers, saying hi or getting positive support. I was computer illiterate before I came to Triangle, now alsmost all my work is done through the computer Thank you Brian
To the Triangle staff, Thank you
I know who I am and where my life is headed

Antonietta Alonzi
November 09, 2005

I msut say that this class was the most wonderful and transforming time of my life. During my last few months I had been in my recovery from a drug addiction and during the last 6 weeks in the W.R.I.T.E. Triangle Program, I have seen an enormous change in my lfie. I no longer live in a life filled with fear and worry about whether or not I can make it on my own, or just that feeling of not being able to get a job in the field I wish to work in to make a living in this world filled with so much. Now I believe in myself, because the staff and all the women whom I shared my experience with, filled me up with so much love and joy. I am looking forward to going back to work in the Travel and Toursim Industy after almost 10 years of being away.I look forward to becoming a whole and up lifted person again. In only six weeks I have had a life changing expereince that I believe could be for almost anyone that seeks this fun and exciting opportunity. I am sure going to miss all the good people I have met
With much love.....

Richard Ward
November 07, 2005

This course was a fantastic turning point for me! It helped me transform my negative self-esteem to really positive. It really made me think about things in life. This course helped me over come my drug addiction by opening my eyes to a whole new world. I have a new confidence in all that I do and everyone I talk to. I am finally alive! . The people here are willing to spend the time with you to help you out. Staff here all have a different approach. I learned how to finally use a computer! I really appreciate all the help Triangle staff did for me. I wanted to wake up and come in everyday! I also have secured a full-time career that I love! I have a direction in life – THANKS LANGLEY STAFF! Richard Ward

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August 26, 2005

Before beginning the W.R.I.T.E. program at Triangle, I had no idea of where to even begin with my resume. After 6 weeks in the program, not only did I take with me a completed resume and cover letter, but life lessons. It was a pleasure coming and being part of a group setting with the students and the instructors. It was excellent to network with such an eclectic group. This program was so much more than just a job re-entry program. This was an eye opener to who I really was and where I really wanted to be. Now I know how to get there!!!! And I will get there!

August 26, 2005

When I first decided to come to Triangle Community Resources, my first goal was to just make it through the summer clean and sober. I needed a safe place to be. Being in recovery I faced many fears. Fitting in with so-called "normal" women who had no addciction nor understanding of addiction, and the expectation to find real work were my biggest fears. Due to these fears I have always tended to avoid any social interaction with most of the world. However this course has turned out to be much much more than I had thought. Through spending six weeks with a group of women with all different backgrounds and lifestyles, I realized my fear of being accepted in a "normal world" was simply just a FEAR. I changed this ----and so can you!

Kevin Doran
July 19, 2005

Before I took the RITE Program I was lost. I had a very negative attitude, and my life was looking very dark. I hated the person I was letting myself become.The first time I came through the doors at Triangle in Chilliwack, I felt like the people here wanted to see me succeed, and not just in the program but also in life. The program has a lot of useful information, and it has made me take a good hard look at myself.Now after completing the program, I am not the same person I was six weeks ago. I can see that the world isn't just pain, hurt and anger. I see that there are great things out there, and want to be there to experience them. If you are thinking about going through the program, then do it. You will get so much out of it.You have the power and the choice to make a better life and future for yourself. You have to make that choice for youself, because no one else can. I made that choice and I will never regret it.

Marshelle Travis
July 06, 2005

I attended the women’s Triangle Program on April 4, 2005. I found that what I was doing in my life wasn’t working. With the program I was better able to understand and change the direction of my life. The staff are a great bunch, who had the time to encourage, give words of wisdom and were always there to help me with moving forward. I now have the courage to seek employment with all that I have learned. As of July 6th I have a part-time job that hopefully will turn into full-time. Thank you to all that helped me reach my goal.

Marshelle Travis

Darren Frain
June 09, 2005

I came to Triangle in Chilliwack unhappy with myself - mad, sad and confused, with little motivation to finding a career. But that all changed when I walked through those doors and saw the smiling faces of the Triangle staff. That's when I knew I was in the right place. I signed up for the R.I.T.E. Program and after doing the six weeks, I truly believe it has changed my life. I now have the motivation and the confidence in myself to accomplish anything.

Thank you Triangle!

Clifford McAndrew
April 06, 2005

When I came into the RITE Program, I was down and out in Langley, almost at the point of self destruction in my life. With the positive attention and awesome caring help of all the instructors, I have gained assertive, positive, self-confidence in my life. The six week course was the best thing I could do for myself, to gain knowledge and learn how to deal with my employment career. I have now graduated from the course and have successfully gained employment and now have a positive attitude and enjoy living each day for my furture goals in life. I would strongly recommend the RITE Program to everyone to build their self esteem for a positive career and employment goals. Thank you very much to the instructors and staff for all the great help you have given me. It's changed my life to the better! Sincerely Clifford McAndrew

Kala Gallagher
March 24, 2005

I successfully graduated from Triangle Community Resources in Mission, BC. I had the opportunity to overcome personal barriers; learn to set boundaries; accept change; manage my personal and professional life in a positive and productive way. The assistance; encouragement; and support of the WRITE staff, Lorraine, Betty and Julie was always there without hesitation.Facing my challenges on a daily basis and learning the new skills to deal with these issues has given me the tools I need for healthier relationships and parenting.Expressing to a group how I feel emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally each day, gave me awareness that we have to be healthy in all levels of our lives in order to reach our highest potential.Having the staff on site and being available at any given time was very comforting in knowing that you would never walk out of these doors with any concerns or problems not dealt with in a professional manner.If you are facing any obstacles in your path of life, I would recommend that Triangle Community Resources can assist you in having a clear, smooth, more rewarding road to travel!


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