New Programs to help you Reach Independence Through Employment !

May 31, 2021

Triangle Community Resources is excited to announce we are starting two new programs for those of all ages and are now ready to see clients!  One is targeted towards people with Mental Health or Learning Disabilities as well as addiction (self disclosed or diagnosed), and the other program is for survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault (whether reported or not).


Both Programs include a blend of one-to-one employment coaching and vocational assessments with a 2-week life skills workshops series, personal sessions with a registered clinical counsellor or psychologist and funding for training and employment.  All program related costs are covered.

These programs are run with the philosophy that each clients needs to met where they are at, and that a holistic suite of services will be available to adapt to the needs of each client.  Both programs are offered in all our locations.

Check out our services page to get more information or to register.