Brian Chiasson – Founder

Brian Chiasson founded Triangle Community Resources in 1998.  In his 20 years as the owner of Triangle Community Resources, Brian inspired and changed countless lives.

In 1992, while Brian was an Addictions Counsellor, he recognized that people needed more than just recovery and a job; they needed a purpose. This led him into the field of Employment Counselling, driven by the belief that we need to look at the whole person in order to support them to achieve success.

Brian put his vision into action in 1998 when he was awarded his first of many contracts in Maple Ridge/Tri-Cities area to provide a program he developed for men facing multiple barriers to employment.  Because of Brian’s dedication, hard work, commitment and strengths in program development and business management, Triangle has since delivered over 30 programs, in 5 locations throughout the Fraser Valley since 1998. In creating Triangle Community Resources Inc., Brian’s vision and personal goals of supporting people with barriers, helping them reach their full potential to live a healthy, fulfilling life were realized.

As Triangle’s leader, Brian ensured we remained focused on each individual client.  An integral part of this was always ensuring we hire staff that possess the training, life experience and more importantly, the care and compassion required to understand the struggles in life and the strength it takes to move forward.

As Triangle’s founder and owner for over 20 years, Brian created numerous Employment Programs and managed multiple government contracts, providing Personal Addiction Counselling, Conflict Resolution Training, Anger Management and Addictions and Behaviour Education to both the public and private sectors.

Brian held certifications in Life Skills Coaching, Substance Abuse Counselling and Employment Counselling. Brian’s experience as a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor combined with his education and knowledge in Employment Counselling and Life Skills Coaching enabled him to work with and assist all levels of barrier impacted participants.

Until his passing in November 2018, Brian made it his life’s passion and drive to help clients secure education and employment in a realistic, time and cost-effective manner. Brian proudly lived up to his company logo “Motivation, Inspiration, Success”.

We cherish and remember him for many amazing attributes and are honored and grateful to him for leaving us with a solid foundation to continue his dream and carry on his legacy of providing holistic, client centered services that honors each client as an individual and supports them to find their purpose.  The legacy of how and why Brian created Triangle will never be forgotten due to the shared vision he instilled in the staff and leaders of Triangle.

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Brian Chiasson have lost a dear friend and inspiring mentor.  Brian leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit and vision will forever be the foundation of Triangle Community Resources Inc.

“I know one thing. Life is not a search for happiness. Happiness is a by-product of living the right way, with as many of the right people as you can find that match your values enough… way harder than it sounds”

- Brian Chiasson

Founder - Triangle Community Resources Inc.