Employer Services

Connecting employers with skilled workers.

To help people overcome barriers to employment, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have access to professional employment-based services that are based on best practice and diversified service planning.

We have a hard working and dedicated team that is connected to other Employment Service Providers, local and regionalized businesses and training facilities throughout the Lower Mainland. We pride ourselves on Transitioning People into Employment, and work with unemployed or underemployed groups in the general public looking to re-enter the workforce or make a career change,  including those facing multiple barriers to employment such as; marginalized populations, youth, survivors of violence, person’s with disabilities and those struggling with addiction and housing. Through programming and ongoing support, our graduates gain the skills to meet the diverse needs of employers in British Columbia.

Through excellent pre-program training, personalized assistance and support from our knowledgeable and effective staff,  our clients work towards successfully securing and maintaining sustainable employment.  We attribute this success to our many excellent Job Developers, Employment Counsellors, Personal Development Facilitators, and Program Assistants, who continually strive to build authentic and rewarding relationships that promote the long-term success of our participants.

We host in-house job fairs and actively market participants to the employment community. Employers that have participated with us are from diverse industries such as agriculture, retail, construction, technology, hospitality, sports, and entertainment; and have found our participants well rounded, reliable employees that are eager to learn. 

We are always seeking to build on our authentic and rewarding relationships with diversified employers. Any employers with hiring needs are encouraged to connect with our skilled staff to inquire about suitable candidates for current or future positions.

Thanks to all of our community and employee partners for their continued support helping people in our communities reach their goals for success and build a brighter future.