William L.

I have just  completed my course with Triangle Community Resources and I would recommend it to anyone, no matter your personal, social or professional situation. I didn’t know how insightful and aware I would become, and how much I would learn about myself. It was a wonderful experience with a group of wonderful people.


Having the opportunity to take a life skills course is very exciting. You learn so much about yourself, from communication styles to your ‘true colours’, as well as the feedback from the group dynamic. This course has taught me that I have many skills, some I was not aware of until being in class. This […]

Barbara W.

I was positively impacted by the RITE Program at Triangle. I came in with major anxiety and insecurity and believed I was useless and couldn’t ever get a job. The facilitators and staff were so kind and encouraging. I was able to see myself as being “enough” and talented and worthy. It was a personal […]

Chase S.

It works really well. You put in the work, so will they. I recommend this program to anyone that’s struggling.

Alexandria S.

I had the opportunity to attend Triangle Community Resources because my treatment center was offering it, and I am so glad they did as it was such a positive experience for me it truly helped me realize who I was as a person. I came into this program willing to do everything to the best […]


“The humanness I experienced from other humans is etched in my soul.”

Clayton B.

Would like to thank Triangle Resources for such a professional and personal developmental experience. Helped me find a sense of self-worth and set a path forward to becoming a productive person in society. Ashley is an amazing human being, helping others and I find their cornerstone to success. I didn’t feel judgement or ashamed to […]

Melissa G.

I recently completed the R.I.T.E. program through Triangle Community Resources and it was such an amazing experience. Ashley and Aman were fantastic as facilitators and go above and beyond to help the people who walk through the doors. Before coming to Triangle I only had a general idea of what I wanted to do with […]


Update from Client during Work Experience Opportunity:  – “Things are going incredibly well! Sometimes it feels overwhelming here, but I most often have things under control and I’m very proud of myself for the confidence I’ve gained and what I’ve learned here. I have a significant amount of experience in things that I never imagined […]

Jean P.

Hello, my name is Jean P. When I first arrived in Chilliwack, I was experiencing homelessness and joblessness, and my self-esteem was low due to all my issues. The counsellor at the salvation army shelter suggested I attend a course at Triangle Community Resource called the R.I.T.E. program “Reaching independence through employment”. The program helped […]