I honestly don’t know where’d I’d be in life today if it wasn’t for Triangle’s RITE program. It all started with Triangle’s reputation speaking for itself and all of the many people it’s helped along the way. I spoke with one woman who went through this exact program and recommended I reach out. I am […]

Tamanna K.

Throughout my experience in the six-week Futures for Youth Program I’ve been doing at Triangle Community Resources, I have grown and become more confident in my capabilities. We have been covering loads of material that not only give us very strong employment skills, it also teaches us life skills at the same time. We have […]


“My experience with Triangle Community Resources was life-changing. I was at a place in my life where I was in limbo. I knew I needed change, but I felt as I was stuck. A good friend of mine referred me to the RITE Program as she was in the program herself. I reached out to […]


The support and services I have received from Triangle Resources/RISE have made a tremendous, positive difference in my life. I am so grateful and feel supported and empowered, which has made the difference in me being able to obtain employment vs becoming financially destitute and draining on government services. I needed some help after being […]

Melanie KL

I was referred to Triangle Resources by an employee of a transition home and was put in contact with Aman Sanghera. I had never heard of this organization before, nor did I have any idea what exactly their service provided. Aman is very skilled in her position and has provided me with clear and concise […]


I really cannot say enough good things about Rise Up. It gives you the chance to believe in yourself again. The staff, Ashley, Aman, and all staff, make you feel welcomed. The assessments give insight into careers that would be a good fit, and what you need to get there. With a little bit of […]


The Triangle program helped me so much. Not only did I learn about the workplace, but I also learned about me as a person! Going in to the program I was faced with the death of a loved one, all of the staff were so beyond supportive and kind during this time. Triangle became such […]

William L.

I have just  completed my course with Triangle Community Resources and I would recommend it to anyone, no matter your personal, social or professional situation. I didn’t know how insightful and aware I would become, and how much I would learn about myself. It was a wonderful experience with a group of wonderful people.


Having the opportunity to take a life skills course is very exciting. You learn so much about yourself, from communication styles to your ‘true colours’, as well as the feedback from the group dynamic. This course has taught me that I have many skills, some I was not aware of until being in class. This […]

Barbara W.

I was positively impacted by the RITE Program at Triangle. I came in with major anxiety and insecurity and believed I was useless and couldn’t ever get a job. The facilitators and staff were so kind and encouraging. I was able to see myself as being “enough” and talented and worthy. It was a personal […]