Client Testimonials

It works really well. You put in the work, so will they. I recommend this program to anyone that’s struggling.

Chase S.
October 2021

I had the opportunity to attend Triangle Community Resources because my treatment center was offering it, and I am so glad they did as it was such a positive experience for me it truly helped me realize who I was as a person. I came into this program willing to do everything to the best of my ability and open up and be vulnerable and learn everything I could. I am a young mother who has never worked due to addiction and this program gave me job experience and helped me learn things about working that I didn’t know and in a comfortable atmosphere at that. The teachers and staff are amazing. I will always remember my short time there because of how caring and genuine everyone at Triangle is. They helped me turn my weakness into strength and showed me how to take everything I know and turn that into job experience and how to be confident. They showed me that my past didn’t matter and that I truly did bring something to the table and that I am smart and capable of doing what I want in life. Thank you Triangle Community Resources, I am forever grateful.

Alexandria S.
September 2021

“The humanness I experienced from other humans is etched in my soul.”

September 2021

Would like to thank Triangle Resources for such a professional and personal developmental experience. Helped me find a sense of self-worth and set a path forward to becoming a productive person in society. Ashley is an amazing human being, helping others and I find their cornerstone to success. I didn’t feel judgement or ashamed to talk about my past experiences. Only positive responses to anything I had to say.  She helped me get into UFV – Building Service Worker program, and I am excited about my future for once in my life. A beautiful bunch of people who are serving the community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Clayton B.
September 2021

I recently completed the R.I.T.E. program through Triangle Community Resources and it was such an amazing experience. Ashley and Aman were fantastic as facilitators and go above and beyond to help the people who walk through the doors.

Before coming to Triangle I only had a general idea of what I wanted to do with my life, and most other community resources were pushing me into fields I knew just weren’t for me, but discovering more about who I am and what kind of career I would excel in really helped me narrow down which path I wanted to take. Ashley in particular helped me to not only cement which career I wanted to get into, but set me up with all the resources and connections I needed to get well on my way.

This really is the perfect program for anyone who wants to get working whether you’ve had a job, are new to the workforce, or are just looking to switch careers. I’d HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is confused or unsure of where to start. I’ve gained so many awesome opportunities through Triangle and I’m just so incredibly appreciative.

Melissa G.
September 2021

Update from Client during Work Experience Opportunity:  – “Things are going incredibly well! Sometimes it feels overwhelming here, but I most often have things under control and I’m very proud of myself for the confidence I’ve gained and what I’ve learned here. I have a significant amount of experience in things that I never imagined myself doing 2 months ago!! I’m very thankful to the team at the Food Bank for making me feel so welcome.

I’m very thankful to you, too, for giving me this opportunity. I know on my first day or so, I felt completely out of my element and I was thinking “Why on earth would Janet put me here!? I scored the lowest on all the tests regarding kinesthetic learning and here I am moving boxes around and touching all these cans!!”. I couldn’t help but think “Okay, well I only have to do three months of this…”. Hahahaha!! Well, somehow you knew that this was a perfect fit for me. Now, I am on my last month and can’t help but think “I don’t really want this to end quite yet.”.

May 2021

Hello, my name is Jean P. When I first arrived in Chilliwack, I was experiencing homelessness and joblessness, and my self-esteem was low due to all my issues. The counsellor at the salvation army shelter suggested I attend a course at Triangle Community Resource called the R.I.T.E. program “Reaching independence through employment”.

The program helped me in so many ways personally and professionally. Nearing the end of the program an assistant manager from Home Depot came to the course to give an overview the qualifications needed there. After the overview she gave me an impromptu interview and took my resume. After a week I was interviewed twice and got the job. Because I was still homeless Janet my teacher at Triangle gave me a reference to a housing program and we filled out the application together. Just recently the housing was approved, and I will be moving in very soon.

I strongly recommend this program to anyone trying to find employment it helps you to learn to know yourself and what you need to do to get employment that you enjoy. Now my self-esteem is great, and I feel so much more whole. A great big thank-you to my teachers at Triangle who supported me during this hard period in my life.

Jean P.
May 2019

The R.I.T.E. program was a life-altering process of personal transformation for me. It was not only affirming in the career path that I had considered, but also reminded me of who I am as a unique and valuable individual. It readied me for a future I thought looked bleak, but is now filled with clarity, direction and hope. I can confidently say I know my skills, values, potential and self-worth. I would highly recommend this program for anyone feeling they’re at a crossroads and need support to navigate the paths ahead of them.

Shannon E.
May 2019

My experience in the Triangle R.I.T.E. program has been nothing but rewarding. To be honest before coming into the program I wasn’t doing much with my life. As a former addict I needed something to help rebuild my life and I found that within the R.I.T.E. Program. The staff and other clients in the class go above and beyond their roles.

Kaden C
May 2019

The Triangle program has taught me a lot about myself. It taught me my learning skills, my job preference, and what kind of person I am. They taught me what kind of work I would be suited for, helped me get schooling to get that job, and helped me find that job. They gave me the skills on the computer to write resumes. They’re really good at what they do.

Mark P.
March 2019